We Revamped the Voltaic Brand — An Energized Look & Feel

Voltaic Logo Animation

Why the Revamp?

Old Voltaic Logo


Voltaic Wordmark

Revamped Colors

Voltaic Brand Colors

Okay, so what changes?

What to expect

  • We will provide our community with brand new GFX, such as Wallpapers and Vanity GFX (Coming Soon).
  • We will also be revealing our new Merchandise soon — yes you heard it, Voltaic will finally have Merchandise available for purchase.
  • New Mousepad designs with our revamped logo and colors.
  • In addition, anyone who purchased old Voltaic Apparel or custom Peripherals will be eligible to receive the Collector role on our Discord. Simply, send a message to ModMail with Proof of Purchase, and a Staff member will promptly grant you the role.
  • Plushies for our Mascot; Sparky, do not worry, we haven’t forgotten, it is certainly possible and we will make it happen.
  • Finally, our website is going to get a revamp and we’re working on Stream Graphics.

Cool, what else?



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Voltaic is a multi-purpose community centered around mutual self-improvement in shooters with a focus on aim and talent discovery.