We Revamped the Voltaic Brand — An Energized Look & Feel

3 min readJul 13, 2021
Voltaic Logo Animation

Why the Revamp?

While we liked our old logo, we felt like it did not strongly represent our brand, and in a way it lacked personality and authenticity.

The old logo was hard to distinguish when reduced in size, felt out of place on merchandise, and we wanted the new one to have a look and feel that everyone could get behind.

Old Voltaic Logo

We made a color change as we thought the cyan was too bright, making it quite hard to distinguish on lighter backgrounds. This was a problem, because it forced us to complement the logo with a darker background, and limited our graphics and merchandising color options.


Picking the new logo and colors wasn’t easy. We went through an incredible number of iterations, which eventually landed us on this slick wordmark.

Voltaic Wordmark

We wanted the wordmark to be simple and legible, so that it looks good on its own and next to the logo.

Revamped Colors

Below you will find our new main colors, Dark Purple and a Less vibrant shade of Cyan.

In addition, we added a brighter shade of Purple for accents and highlights, as well as a fitting red color to match the rest of the palette.

Voltaic Brand Colors

If you’ve been keeping up with our Social Media, chances are you’ve seen these color combinations being used on our Twitter and Instagram graphics for announcements. These colors are more authentic, vibrant, and give Voltaic a new energized look and feel.

Okay, so what changes?

We will be applying our new logo, colors and typography to all our socials, website and Discord server.

What to expect

  • We will provide our community with brand new GFX, such as Wallpapers and Vanity GFX (Coming Soon).
  • We will also be revealing our new Merchandise soon — yes you heard it, Voltaic will finally have Merchandise available for purchase.
  • New Mousepad designs with our revamped logo and colors.
  • In addition, anyone who purchased old Voltaic Apparel or custom Peripherals will be eligible to receive the Collector role on our Discord. Simply, send a message to ModMail with Proof of Purchase, and a Staff member will promptly grant you the role.
  • Plushies for our Mascot; Sparky, do not worry, we haven’t forgotten, it is certainly possible and we will make it happen.
  • Finally, our website is going to get a revamp and we’re working on Stream Graphics.

Cool, what else?

This was not the only thing we wanted to announce. We will be releasing the first part of the fundamental aim routines update later today.

Tomorrow we will reveal our players for the $50,000 Tournament by Aim Lab and introduce them to Voltaic.

Our Merchandise will also be revealed during the Tournament — stay tuned!




Voltaic is a multi-purpose community centered around mutual self-improvement in shooters with a focus on aim and talent discovery.