Getting started with Voltaic

2 min readJan 5, 2022

Welcome to Voltaic! We are an improvement centric community with a focus on developing mouse control, as well as content creator visibility. We also maintain spaces, and develop resources, for aspiring FPS competitors across several games.

To start out with Voltaic we highly recommend you read our Aim Journey Guide first, this is a guide that introduces you to the concept of Aim Training.

You can then read our Benchmarks Guide (link at bottom) understand how you’ll use the benchmarks to measure your ability. After assessing yourself pick a routine that fits your skill level, and will function as the bulk of your training. You have the choice here to play the Fundamental Routines to develop your overall mouse control or the Game-specific routines to develop aspects of aiming that you’ll use most frequently.

As you continue to develop you can utilize our issue-specific routines to develop areas that you struggle with more, on top of your day-to-day routine. Feel free to customize the time spent per scenario and even create your own routines with our recommended scenario list.

In addition to our Aim and FPS resources we also offer Health Guides, Peripheral information and other valuable topics. We highly recommend everyone to check those out as well.

Aside from our resources we also highlight many top tier aimers, pros and content creators across the world and work with them to create educational resources.

You can check everyone who is on our team via our website, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for our team’s content as well as educational videos.

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Voltaic is a multi-purpose community centered around mutual self-improvement in shooters with a focus on aim and talent discovery.